Foppe's promo

My computer activities are coming to a close with finishing the leaflet about my animal portaiture. I'm quite happy with all this promotional material, now I can finally spread the word better!
Beside the leaflet I designed two calendars featuring my photograpy; one '2018 Felines of Foppe's Acre' calendar and a Friesland birthday calendar. Almost everything is printed and ready for the art fair.
It was a lot of work and truth be told not every aspect pleasurable (photo editing) so I can't wait to pick up my brushes again!
* the calendars will be for sale and listed in my shop after the fair.

New friend, Koetje the goat

First beginnings of the goat painting I started today. I like the strong touches of color which will probably get softer but they reflect the joyful character of this kid. Still very early stages but I like this phase best; almost sculpting with paint, slowly modeling the shape and character. More later! 

 Done for today, this is looking more like it.
I'm having fun and will slowly refine his (her) looks but will keep the impressionistic feel. Lots to be done, but tomorrow is another day.

Always look...

Yay! The printer just delivered a box full of A5 'Always look on the bright side of the fence' cards! They are perfect, even Moor than I'd expected.
I'll use these as business cards (info on the back) and thank you cards for shop orders and promotional flyers and and....


Finished the three 4x4 miniatures this weekend and sent them on their way to Florida! On my easel now sits a prepared big canvas waiting for pigs! Have been designing more promotional stuff for the art fair next month and sent to the printer, very exciting. So not much to show at the moment beside a cute photo of our Jelle and Timmy; can you tell they are brothers? 

Meet Ricky the rat.

I'll be attending an Art&Food fair (sept 16) so I'm updating lots of promo material for Foppe's Acre Originals and needed a new version of my 'thank you card 'Always look on the bright side of the fence'. Changed my appearance a bit and added one of the dogs I designed earlier. I also realised one of the other residents of Foppe's Acre wasn't included yet!

The famous canvas twins!

While I just finished my recent cartoony cat portrait the client commissioned two more! Wohoo!
I'll show them all in full glory when they are finished, so stay tuned!


Studio visit

Another quick peek into the studio.
I love what I do, no matter if it's large paintings, sculptures, lino prints or miniature portraits, they all make my heart sing!